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The Best Dojo for Martial Arts In Winter Garden

What makes Stoneybrook Karate different?

Stoneybrook Karate, founded in 2010 by Sensei Tim, has established itself as a powerhouse in the world of martial arts, with their unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to training.

For five consecutive years, Stoneybrook Karate has been recognized as the number one performing dojo in Florida’s AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). This prestigious accolade speaks volumes about the knowledge, discipline, and hard work exhibited by the students and instructors. They are a shining example of dedication, skill, and the transformative power of martial arts.

Their commitment to excellence, technical proficiency, physical fitness, and mental focus has resulted in numerous victories and accolades.

Stoneybrook Karate’s journey of success continues to unfold as they set their sights on the future. Will you be a part of it?

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