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    Our recreational karate Program offers instruction for ages 3-Adult with classes specially broken down to specific age and experience. Our recreational Program offers classes two time a week and focuses on the Traditional Okinawan Karate Ryu-Ha known as Goju Ryu. In this program you will gain strength, flexibility and confidence as well as acquiring the knowledge of a wonderful Traditional Okinawan Karate Style. Our parent organization is OGKK from Okinawa Japan. Our recreational program meets Monday through Friday with specialized classes for each Level. Please feel free to join us for a free class. The recreational program leads into the team program if the student needs more training or has an interest to train with competition team members. Please join us for a free class.

    What do people say about us?

    • Stoneybrook Karate is the ultimate experience for all ages! Sensei Tim takes teaching the art to a whole new level. The engagement with the kids is beyond belief. My daughter has been a student since December and the progression she has made is amazing! Highly recommended!!

      Taryn Orlovsky
    • My daughter is so happy to be training here. The attention each Sensei gives to her and ALL the kids in every class is wonderful. You see how much they care about the sport and love teaching it. Each Sensei brings different talents and experiences, having competed around the world and at different levels. Thank you Sensei Tim for putting together such a great team of Senseis!

      M Jewel
    • I cannot say enough good things about this establishment or the people. Sensai Tim runs a wonderful program. All 3 of my kids attend and one of my kids is delayed and on the spectrum and he is treated just like everyone else. To say they are wonderful with children is an understatement. so glad we decided on this dojo. My kids beg to go and hate when we have to miss class. It’s a blessing to our family!

      N Western
    • I can’t say enough good things about this dojo. My son has learned so much and has benefited from karate. From discipline to concentration, focus and respect. The training is real and Tim Sensei and all the other Senseis strive to push the kids to the next level.

      Erika Garcia
    • I have improved exponentially ever since I joined Stoneybrook Karate. Sensei Tim is a great teacher, he pushes us to our limits so that we can be the best we can be.

      Layla O

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