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Director:  Tim Hilgenberg Sensei  #352-396-5946

Experience:  5th Dan Toide (Shuri Te) , Kenshinkan Okinawa

4th Dan Kobudo, Seidokan Okinawa

4th Dan OGKK Goju Ryu

3rd Dan Kyokushinkai

Shodan Judo, ISTA Okinawa

The Orlando Kenseikan teaches Okinawan Karate with its base being OGKK Gojuryu.  Tim Sensei is currently under the instruction of Robert Young Sensei, Shibu Cho OGKK USA.

Tim Sensei has lived overseas in Okinawa from 1984-1988 at Kadena AFB where he met Onazeki Sensei, Toma Sensei and Kise Sensei.  Tim Sensei studied Karate in Okinawa during this time and competed in many full contact competitions.

In 2010 after a long deployment Tim Sensei decided to open Stoneybrook Karate.  Stoneybrook Karate has now evolved into The Orlando Kenseikan, a full service dojo that includes everything from Elite Karate Competition Training to basic beginner classes, Kickboxing Judo and Elite Training from the Human Perform Group. The Orlando Kenseikan has produced many USA Team Members and State Champions along with world Ranked Athletes. Many have gone their own way and continue to practice the values and traditions of Traditional Karate. Time Sensei is proud to have produced Champions in life as well as Karate.


Bruno Cabrera


  • Physical Education
    Centro Educacional Celso Lisboa – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Veterinary Medicine
    Universidade Federal Fluminense – Rio de Janeiro- Brazil

Main Achievements as an Athlete

  • 2005-WKC- World Senior Championships- Silver medal
  • 2013-ISKA US OPEN Worlds Championship- Bronze medal
  • 2000- WKC- COPA Mercosul (Southamerican Championships)- Gold medal
  • 2003- WKC World Open Championship- Bronze
  • 2006-WUKO Panamerican Championship- Silver Medal
  • 2008- WUKF Panamerican Championship- Gold Medal/ Silver medal
  • 5 times State Champion
  • 2007-State College Games- Silver Medal
  • 2008- Jogos Abertos de São Paulo- Silver Medal

Work Experience

Karate Coach

  • Vila Olimpica G.R.E.S. Academicos do Salgueiro (1999-2007)(BRAZIL)
    With a team of 5 other senseis , kept the AEKS club with the award of the
    best club of Rio de Janeiro State for 6 years in a row.
  • Team Nogueira Training Center ( Head Quarters)(2010-2012)(BRAZIL)
    Teaching Karate to beginners class, and helping professional fighters during
    their fighting camps, providing technical instructions and sparing.

MMA Coach

  • Team Nogueira Orlando (2012).
    Developed all the amateur team at the gym, providing training andgetting
    them into amateur MMA scene in Orlando.
  • The Jungle MMA (2013-2014)
    Worked with another coach at the program “Little Gorillas” providing MMA
    training for kids from 5-13 years old with striking, wrestling and grappling

Sensei Robert Young

Sensei Robert Young has been practicing martial arts for over 48 years, and has produced many present and past world champions. He has taught many state, national and international champions but his focus has always been to preserve the traditional teachings of Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do. His advice is sought by many yet he still considers himself a student. He believes that all practitioners of karate should always remember that no matter what the style, it should be considered a journey and not a destination.

For his personal growth he finds it incomparable to go to Okinawa, the birth place of all karate. It is there where all the most senior masters serve as an inspiration to all by their dedication to daily training, regardless of age. It is only through this never ending dedication to training that one will find the true essence of karate-do.