Competition Results

Competition Results

This past weekend the Orlando Kenseikan Stoneybrook Karate participated at the AAU Karate Opening Weekend.

Results of the Competition are as follows.

Evan Byrne Gold Kata Silver Kumite
Shanny Gold Kata Gold Kumite
James Gold Kumite
Bruno Sensei Gold Kumite
Catherine Bronze Kobudo Bronze Kata
Sofia Gold Kata Gold Kumite
Dania Silver Kata Silver Kumite
Kevin Gold Kobudo Silver Kata Gold Kumite
Christine Silver Kobudo Silver Kata
Arwen Gold Kata
Angel Silver Kata
Alex Gold Kata
Enrico Gold Kata Silver Kumite
Eshan Silver Kata Gold Kumite

24 Total Medals
8 Gold Kata
6 Gold Kumite
4 Silver Kata
3 Silver Kumite
2 Bronze Kata
1 Bronze Kumite

Congratulations to the Orlando Kenseikan Team.

Well done

Now we train harder!

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Highly recommend Sensei Tim and the entire team at Stoneybrook karate. Since enrolling my daughter (who has recently reached her second belt) not only have we witnessed her confidence increase but have seen her begin to develop friendships with all of the other students within her class. Sensei Tim (which we were told from other parents as well) strives to make the dojo a true family environment. We look forward to many years with sensei Tim and the family at Stoneybrook Karate and seeing our daughter test one day for her Black Belt in more
Maylin Cox
Maylin Cox
22:53 29 Mar 18
We are amazed by this Dojo where we put our daughter to learn self-defense, be physically active, and increase confedence. Also, here , kids are taught responsibility, respect , and focus, and those aspects and skills that needed for a life. We are here about two months , and we already see results. Our daughter loves Stoneybrook Karate. Thank you Sensei Tim, Sensei Bruno , and all Senseis for creation of these amazing “Stoneybrook Karate”.read more
Olga Mun
Olga Mun
04:37 27 Mar 18
I can’t say enough good things about this dojo. My son has learned so much and has benefited from karate. From discipline to concentration, focus and respect. The training is real and Tim Sensei and all the other Senseis strive to push the kids to the next more
Erika Garcia
Erika Garcia
00:17 27 Feb 18
This is a great family-friendly place. Also, they are very professional, with high quality dedicated Senseis who are always doing their best for our kids. I have my two kids training here, 6 and 8 years old respectively, and they have learnt a lot since the first day they started. Thank you Sensei Bruno and Sensei Tim for all your more
I strongly recommend Stoneybrook Karate to all parents looking to augment their child's activity with something that is positive, challenging, and will impart life skills. My son is in the 4th grade and he has been attending this dojo for almost 3 years. He loves this place. Sensei Tim has created an environment through which my son has excelled in appreciation, knowledge, and respect for traditional karate. He also has provided my son the training and experience to advance in nationally competitive tournaments. The parents of team karate and throughout the dojo are amazing. This is not just a place to drop off your child, but instead, a community tied together by a bond of friendship and more
Anthony Bollo
Anthony Bollo
23:53 10 Oct 17
My son loves this dojo. They challenge him while working on focus and discipline as well. We love Stoneybrook Karate!
Kim Byrne
Kim Byrne
22:21 29 Sep 17
My daughter has been going to Stoneybrook Karate for a year now.I wanted my daughter to start karate to learn self defense,respect and confidence. From the first day she tried it ...she just loved it. Sensei Tim is amazing karate instructor. If you are looking for karate school where you will learn a skill and have fun doing it..check it more
Dania Neita
Dania Neita
20:56 26 Sep 17
My daughter started out approximately two months ago and she has absolutely loved her experience here so far. The emphasis on respect and discipline along with learning traditional Okinawan karate have been a great combination in teaching her life more
Ginger Kasper
Ginger Kasper
22:20 03 Aug 17
My kids practice traditional Okinawan karate at this dojo. They have thrived in this environment! This is a place where they have gained self-confidence while learning discipline, respect and self-defense. They have been humbled with their experiences as part of the competition karate team. I believe they have built a foundation and learned the values of martial arts starting here!read more
Lil Malou74
Lil Malou74
15:16 03 Aug 17